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Maureen O’Brien-Sherwood, Senior Key Makeup Artist, CTV Television, Toronto

“I would like to express how impressed I am with Shmink Cosmetics. We here at CTV Toronto have had the opportunity to experience many different lines of makeup; Shmink has a wonderful and diverse pallet of colours with great staying power. Shmink Cosmetics is hip and current, in tune with the trends and needs of the makeup world. I recommend that everyone try Shmink Cosmetics as they too will be pleased and become a regular customer.”

Ann Carman, CTV Station Manager, Montreal

“Shmink Cosmetics provide the quality of product, choice of colours and velvety textures that are unique in this industry. What truly makes Shmink unique, however, is the passion, care and understanding provided by its creator, Steven Reti.”

George Athans, Producer/Director, Athans Communications Inc.

“Steven Reti and his Shmink cosmetics have played a very important role in the production of Caribbean Workout, which is broadcast to more than 100 million households each day worldwide. His talent and amazing products have enhanced the look of the program, and all its on camera performers. Thanks for your contribution in making CW the best show of its kind on TV.”

Miranda Esmonde White, creator of the Esmonde Technique, and star of the American PBS network national fitness show Classical Stretch

“As the host of Classical Stretch I was looking for the highest quality makeup and makeup artist. I have found both with Shmink makeup and Steven Reti. No matter how long the hours are in front of the camera in the blazing Mexican heat, my makeup looks as good at the end of the day as in the morning. Shmink makeup and Steven’s artful application has taken ten years off my life, on camera as well as off.”

Mitch Charron, VP and General Manager, The Weather Network

“The Weather Network prides itself on creating win-win relationships, and our partnership with Shmink Cosmetics has been a resounding success. Our on-air presenters are thrilled with the quality, feel and colour of the cosmetics, and we are delighted with Steven Reti’s professional and passionate attention to our needs.”

Mose Persico, Producer and Host, Entertainment Spotlight, CTV Montreal

“Steven Reti and his Shmink Cosmetics line, played an integral role in the success of Entertainment Spotlight, a weekly entertainment magazine show, produced in Montreal, Canada. As the exclusive makeup on the show, Steven and his multi-talented staff gave the hosts and segment reporters a unique look, which reflected immensely in the overall production values of the program. Steven brings professionalism, competence and honesty to any production his team is involved in.”

John Sheehy, Professional Makeup Artist, recipient of the Noxema award for Makeup Artistry, and a past winner of the CNoMA award for Best Editorial and Industry Contribution

“I absolutely love your liquid foundations, and your stackable lip glosses. They are phenomenal. I love being affiliated with your excellent products and, naturally, Shmink is dominating my makeup kit!”

Kelly Kavanagh, based in Toronto, has worked on famous faces in both fashion and television, most recently with Tara Spencer-Nairn, star of CTV’s Corner Gas

“When you find a product that does EXACTLY what you demand it to do... I believe in this product Steven, as it’s done EXACTLY what I’ve always said it does... and everyone I’ve ever used it on ALWAYS wants to continue to use it...”

Stacy Martin, Shania Twain’s primary make up artist has also created exclusive looks for Faith Hill and Melissa Etheridge.

“I love using Shmink cosmetics especially the glow foundations and the nude lip pencil.”

Tara Spencer-Nairn, Star of CTV’s Corner Gas

“We Are LOOOOOOVVVVVING (loving!) SHMINK!!!! I don’t know what you do to that lip gloss, but I can’t leave home (or set) without it!!!!”

Sheryl Plouffe, Broadcast Radio and Television Program, Conestoga College

“Thank you for taking the time to share your expertise with my second and third year students. The work you do in giving people the tools and knowledge they need to transform themselves is a real confidence booster. I take comfort in knowing that my students will be able to put their best foot forward both before and after they start to work in the industry.”

Bilgi Kayla, Key Makeup Artist, CNBC Television, New York

“Shmink lips are a hit! Every girl who loves makeup is in search of the perfect lipstick, and Shmink has created some. My favourite colours are "Lotion" and "Glamful" and I love their staying power and texture on the lips. I’ll guarantee my clients are kissable when wearing Shmink!”